Behrooz Davani – 10 Top Montreal Real Estate Agents of 2018 Announced by

(Montreal, QC, February 4th, 2019) The top 10 Montreal real estate agents for 2018 were announced last month Rate my agent.  The review site compiled and published the the list of top rated agents in Montreal based on ratings and reviews received during the past year.

In ranked order, lowest to highest, the agents are:

10. Jorge Teijeiro

9.   Jacek Suchecki

8.   Andrea Flores

7.   Yael Levy

6.   Asal Jami

5.   Joelle Bitar

4.   Angela Langtry

3.   Amy Assaad

2.   Yury Shupilov

1.   Behrooz Davani

Unlike other agent ranking sites, agents can’t pay to have negative reviews removed or hidden and cannot pay to be included on the list of top-rated agents.  The company says the reviews are verified through a process they wouldn’t disclose in order to protect the integrity of the process.  When asked if they’ve had agents try to cheat, a spokesperson confirmed, “Yes, there have been many attempts by agents to game the system and rankings, which is why we keep our algorithms a closely held secret.”

The list will be published annually based on that year’s verified reviews.

Rate my agent is a rating and review website for Canadian and American markets.  It’s free for the general public and real estate professionals.  The company pledges 50% of profit to worthy causes.

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