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The most common real estate pitfalls for sellers, and how you can avoid them.

Your home holds more than just an updated kitchen and finished basement. It holds the dinner table where you shared memories with friends and family, and countless corners where you enjoyed some of life’s most precious moments. It is time to sell, and you want to make sure that the transaction is done right. As Montreal’s top-ranking Realtors, Behrooz Davani and his team understand just how important your home is to you. They will make sure that the transaction happens smoothly and that you acquire the equity you deserve.


It is important to stay informed about what is coming your way when you sell your home, which is why Behrooz Davani has compiled a list of the 5 most common pitfalls to avoid when selling a home:


  1. Not Choosing the Right Realtor


Your home is like your baby, and now that it is time to move on, you want to make sure that it is in good hands. While you know your neighbourhood, you want a Realtor who does too. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Real Estate Agents and Brokers who will claim that they have experience in your area when they simply do not. It can be hard to spot the difference, so devote some time to interview potential Real Estate Agents. Pick their brains about the local market and make sure they are going to have the information you will need for the successful sale of your home.


Behrooz Davani has over 8 years of experience selling homes in the Montreal area. Choosing him means gaining access to his local network of Agents, Brokers, home inspectors, lawyers, and more. You also want to use a Realtor with a proven track-record in the local real estate market, and his 5-star reviews speak for themselves.


  1. Pricing your Home Incorrectly


Determining the right price for your home is often a very difficult step in the process. It is an important one, though. When buyers are searching through listings, they often only look at homes with certain price tags attached to them. You want to attract the right market to your home. While it is easier said than done, do your best to detach yourself emotionally from the price of your home. A top-ranking Realtor understands the local market and will be there to explain how to determine the price of your home. The process includes researching how other similar homes in your area have sold in recent months. Listings that are too high often sit on the market for a while, and could eventually need to be reduced to a lower price.


Remember, the price you select for your home will not necessarily be the price you get. In a competitive market, buyers may offer more than you are asking. There may even be a bidding war which will bring your listing to the next level.


  1. Bad Advertising

Over the years, you have done all the right things in order to maintain your home, and you know that it is just perfect. Proving that to potential homebuyers is another thing. Buyers are often not interesting in buying a home that needs major updates. They want to be buy a house they will be able to move right into, and you want to show them how you can make that happen.


Do not leave packing to the last minute. You do not want to host your home for showings with clutter and boxes everywhere. If possible, move knicknacks and picture frames into boxes. Keeping the style neutral will allow buyers to visualize the space with their own belongings in it. And try to keep storage areas as clear as you can. Since you are moving, having some boxes around is perfectly understandable. Huge piles boxes in the basement and garage, though, will make storage spaces seem smaller.


A top-ranking Realtor will hook you up with a talented stager to set up for showings. You do, however, need to give them a clear canvas to make their magic happen.



  1. Disorganized Documentation


The money you’ve invested into upgrades over the years have increased the value of your home. Now that you are preparing to sell, it is time to reap those benefits. Of course, potential homebuyers will notice the modernized kitchen and bathrooms that you’ve kept in pristine shape. When they are getting serious about putting in an offer, however, they are going to want to see it on paper.


When you start thinking of selling it is a good idea to create a file of all the invoices from the work you’ve done on your home. You will want to be prepared to answer questions about the last time you put in a new furnace and windows. Potential homebuyers want to move into a home that they can trust has been well taken care of. If they don’t get their questions answered in a timely manner, they may take their business elsewhere.


Don’t let this scare you away. An experienced, top-ranking Realtor will give you a checklist of all the documentation you will need in advance. Behrooz Davani will set you up for success.


  1. An Unrealistic Timeline


Selling your home is a process that can be quite lengthy due to numerous factors. It is impossible for a Realtor to be able to predict exactly how long it is going to take from start to finish. The last thing you want is to put yourself in a situation where you are in a rush to make decisions, because they may not be the right ones for you in the long-term.


A top-ranking Realtor will help you avoid making rash decisions. Know that there are various moving parts – which could mean selling your home could take one month, or several months. It could take a whole week to find a Realtor, and then homes can get listed in two to five days. You could get an offer right away, or you could be waiting over two months for an offer. Once you do get an offer, the buyers still have quite a bit to do on their end before they can confirm.


Again, do not be intimadated — an experienced Realtor knows exactly how to navigate through the selling proess. It is helpful, however, to come in knowing that these things take time.

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Behrooz Davani will help you avoid all potential real estate pitfalls.


If you stick with a top-ranking Realtor, it is highly unlikely that you will face any of the pitfalls listed above. It is helpful, however, to be informed and aware of what could happen. Behrooz Davani is an Award-Winning Realtor who, year after year, has ranked in the Top 10% on Number of Units Sold out of 20,000 Royal LePage Agents. He couldn’t have done this without his hard work and dedication to his sellers.


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