How to find the best Montreal Real Estate Agent

Often referred to as real estate brokers, realtors, or real estate agents, it is undeniable that you might need one at some point or another. That said, there is always the same question that comes back in the minds of future home hunters: how to know if you found a good real estate agent ? Let’s find out together with our 5 tips on how to know you have the top Montreal real estate broker.

Tip #1. You like being around your real estate agent


It doesn’t need to be a match in heaven, but you should be able to feel a good vibe when you are meeting with your buyer or seller’s agent. Having one of the best Montreal agents means that you have someone who is capable of connecting on both fronts; the buyers and the sellers. This is the key to a smooth transition and money savings. So before you go any further, make sure that there is a good understanding between you and the real estate agent Montreal.


Tip #2. The agent knows his market, aka, the neighborhood


The realtor agent should be able to provide you the most important information. In fact, not only should they be able to give you a list of the most recent sales in the neighborhood, but also a list of every local amenities such as schools, hospitals, shops, parks etc.


Tip #3. Honesty is a must!


We heard the horror stories, turns out the foundation of the house was rotten, or the pipes were very old. It’s important to take precautions and always double check everything, especially at the beginning. If for example you are wondering ‘‘how much is my house worth?’’ and you see that the answers along the way are not right, be upfront about it. Don’t let the realtor sell you a dream that is a nightmare in the making.


Tip #4. Your agent is doing all the heavy lifting for you


The key word here is consistency. As an example, your real estate agent should be able to sell your downtown Montreal condo or find you the best condo à louer in Ville Marie while communicating consistently with updates and important information. In the case where you are always running after him or her, it’s maybe a sign that you should change the person with whom you are doing business with.

Tip #5. The real estate broker has a presence/following on the internet



Like we often say: Google is your friend! We strongly suggest that you google the name of your agent, or search his name on different platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram. The top Montreal real estate agents always have a blog of some sort, or an official website for their agency, or a Facebook page. Look it up and see for yourself if they actually look serious.


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